Photo by Chinh Le Duc / Unsplash

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old medical system that originates from India.  Ayurveda comes from two Sanskrit words and therefore roughly translates to "the science of life". This powerful wisdom looks at the entire person, not just an individual symptom, to create greater balance and ultimately optimal health. Through Ayurvedic counseling, you can  uncover the root cause of troubling symptoms, restore vitality through customized holistic treatments, and maintain optimal health through preventative care.

Whether you want to age gracefully, manage anxiety, or have a larger health concern an Ayurvedic health consultation is the first step!

Ayurvedic Health Consultation 

This personalized appointment can last anywhere from 90 - 120 minutes.

Appointments will include guidance on diet and lifestyle modifications, adjustments to daily and seasonal routines, massage therapies, pranayama, and meditation

 More details on what to expect and how to book an appointment will be available in soon!

Follow-up and Seasonal Consultations 

This appointment lasts 45-60 minutes. A prior Ayurvedic Health Consultation is required for a follow-up and seasonal consultation. More details on what to expect and how to book an appointment will be available soon! 

Ayurvedic Education 

Want to learn more about Ayurvedic topics that you are interested in? I offer individual and group sessions for diving deeper into the topics that will support you wherever you may be with your wellness journey. More details on specific offerings will be available soon! 

Herb Preparation 

Herbal therapies are a large part of Ayurvedic treatments. Take the hassle out of buying your own bulk herbs and let me make the specialized combinations for you. From ghee to gandharva haritaki herbal formulations will be created with your specific needs in mind! More details on how to request herbal preparations will be available soon!