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2023 - A Year End Review

2023 - A Year End Review


  • The Godin crew gathered in Prescott, WI for the holidays
  • Silas started walking
  • Aaron and I both quit out jobs
  • We took a very spur-of-the-moment trip to Palm Spring, CA


  • Frequented Como Conservatory and Zoo
  • Aaron had the entire month of February off and worked to finish the basement
  • Traveled with the fam to Lutsen to celebrate Silas' first birthday and Bill's birthday - birthday buds
  • Silas is very comfortable walking


  • Silas grew and changed day after day!
  • First yoga series at North Oaks
  • Aaron started a new job
  • Completed Reiki level 2 training
  • Silas and I started meditating together
  • First bike ride with the baby bike seat
  • Created a mama meetup group with another mama
  • First pair of "real" shoes for Silas
  • We were sick.. a lot


  • Snow melted
  • Silas really got into the piano
  • The Anderson family went to a Saint Paul Saints game
  • Silas was christened at Unity in the Heart
  • We continued to battle with colds and fevers


  • Celebrated May Day at Powderhorn Park
  • Went camping at Jay Cooke
  • Silas' vocabulary continued to grow - he talks alll the time!
  • Planted veggies in the garden


  • Ken and Arlene visited for 2 weeks
  • Spent all of our time outside
  • Started attending church again


  • Had an awesome water park day
  • Purchased a sauna
  • Aaron turned 32
  • Cynthia was diagnosed with brain cancer
  • Aaron competed in the Afton trail race
  • Keith and Colette came for a month
  • The Godin crew traveled to a cabin in WI


  • I turned 33
  • We flew to New Jersey with the rest of the Godin crew
  • Started our 2-week trip in the north woods
  • For the summer session at Camp Northern Lights we were the resource family


  • Silas' first Boundary Waters trip
  • Aaron competed in his first trail marathon
  • We visited Jacob and Larissa at their cabin
  • Enrolled and started an Ayurvedic Health Counselor program
  • Celebrated Cynthia's birthday
  • Aaron traveled abroad for work
  • Silas, my mom, and I took a mini-vacation to La Crosse
  • We "moved" to Prescott as Cynthia's health declined rapidly
  • Cynthia passed away on September 26
  • September 26 marked our 3 year wedding anniversary
  • We prepares for Cynthia's funeral


  • All the Godin's came home
  • Cynthia was buried October 2
  • We "moved" back home
  • My skin rash worsened and was the worst it had ever been
  • It snowed - but quickly melted
  • I made our Halloween costumes
  • We celebrated Halloween with Ari, his family and Bill


  • We established new rhythms
  • Aaron finished the main room in the basement remodel
  • My skin finally started to heal
  • First holiday without Cynthia


  • Annual holiday day with the Elfering's - we saw Peter Pan
  • Purchased the cheapest tree we could find... for $70!
  • Attended the European Christmas Market and saw Santa
  • Celebrated Christmas with the Elfering's and Anderson's
  • Traveled to Jan's to celebrate some more - it was 50 and rainy!
  • All the Godin's came home and we celebrated even more
  • Traveled to Holcombe to see Cynthia
  • Celebrated the holiday with Cynthia's siblings
  • Rang in the New Year with fondue in Prescott, WI