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10 Products We Used Every Day in the 4th Trimester

Babywearing while smiling at the camera

My husband and I had a fairly minimal baby registry and even that was too much. Below is a list of 10 products that I used for either my baby and I or just for myself in that immediate 4th trimester period.  

  1. Ergo 360 Baby Carrier - I am a huge fan and believer in babywearing. Our LO didn't take his first stroller ride until 4 or so months.  I wanted him close to me when we walked; not only to comfort and soothe him but to also build our bond.  
  2. Solly Baby Wrap - When our doula showed us this wrap it was a Game. Changer.  This wrap allowed us to snuggle baby close giving him extreme comfort and us the ability to do things both around the house and in the neighborhood. I kid you not, our son had every nap in the solly wrap from weeks 4-8.  
  3. Frida Snot Sucker - Okay, so we didn't need the snot sucker until closer to 2 or so months but we had to do it all the time - morning, noon and night and it would seem like that wasn't even enough.  We did get the nasal drops but saline drops can be drying.  Instead we would create steam either by a hot shower or by a kettle on the stove.  We would then carefully allow steam to help loosen baby's mucus and then we would suck.  Baby hated this but it was necessary and worked much more efficiently than the bulb sucker.  
  4. Boppy Lounger - I believe these are discontinued now due to infant suffocation.  But my husband and I used it in the bathroom as a place to set baby when we had to go.
  5. Dock-a-tot - I was able to borrow this from my SIL.  I wouldn't recommend purchasing it since it is so pricey but it was helpful for us to have a portable bassinet/sleep area for baby.  Once we realized he would have longer naps if we held him, we pretty much ditched it.. but it was still nice to have a soft place for baby to lay from time to time.  
  6. Cloth wipes - our baby's bum was and still is very sensitive to disposable wipes. We thought he had a diaper rash but it was actually an allergic reaction to the wipes.  Since we cloth diaper, we were planning on using cloth wipes anyway.  But just know, not all wipes are created equal.  
  7. Sitz baths with Epsom salt - Daily sitz baths are ideal and recommended for most women postpartum.  Of course check with your doctor and all that business but soaking your bottom in a sitz bath daily for 10-15 minutes will promote healing, ease pain and is just a great way to incorporate some self care into your day.
  8. Haakkaa - I have an oversupply and a fast let down.  While my supply was regulating this was extremely helpful to collect milk that would have otherwise soaked my shirt.  I also used this when I felt engorged or when I needed to ease the flow of milk for baby.  
  9. Prenatal vitamins and my encapsulated placenta - My doula encapsulated my placenta for me and I would highly recommend looking into placenta encapsulation if it interests you.  I have only had one child, so I cant speak to any differences or changes but I did not experience many common postpartum side effects that I had been warned about.  
  10. HydroFlask 40 oz waterbottle with a straw - Water, water and more water! Staying hydrated is key for your milk supply. On average a woman will produce 24-32 oz of milk a day.  So, drinking between 80 - 120 oz of water a day is ideal!