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DIY Calendula Infused Body Oil

Photo of dried callendua flowers

Below is the simple calendula infused body oil recipe that I use.  I have used this body oil for myself and my baby and always give it as a baby shower gift.  It is extremely hydrating and very gentle for sensitive skin. Calendula oil closely mimics our natural oils which is why this is an ideal body oil for most.

  1. Obtain dried calendula flowers.  I purchased them from my local co-op but you can also buy them from Mountain Rose Herbs.
  2. Use a 16 oz mason jar (or something similar) and fill the jar with dried flowers to the 10 oz line.  The flowers should be loose and not compacted.
  3. Add in your oil of choice.  I used organic extra virgin olive oil but you can use coconut oil, jojoba oil or really any preferred oil. Ideally, the oil you are choosing is a high quality, unrefined, cold-pressed oil.  If the oil does meet those standards it will say so somewhere on the bottle.
  4. Let the oil and flowers infuse for a minimum of 3 weeks and up to a few months.
  5. After the oil has sat, strain the flowers from the oil.  I used a cheese cloth and a wire strainer.
  6. Transfer your oil to its final storage location.  This could be another mason jar, a container with a pump or whatever else you might have on hand. Then your oil is ready to use!
DIY calendula infused body oil
DIY calendula infused body oil