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A Simple Meditation for Grounding

A Simple Meditation for Grounding
Photo by David Tomaseti / Unsplash

As the season shifts to a warm and hot summer it is important to allow our daily rituals and practices to shift as well. Slowing down, enjoying long walks outside, eating fresh and local fruits and veggies are just a few things I have been focusing on. Additionally, making time for a grounding meditative practice is equally as important. Below you will find a written meditation practice. Enjoy!

Find a seat on a chair. Take a moment to establish your seat. Feel your sit bones. Rock forward and back to ensure that the shoulders are stacked right over the hips so that you aren't leaning forward or leaning backward. Allow the spine to be long and the body to be soft as if you were in savasana. Place your hands on your legs, palms facing down.

Once you find this seat take 3 deep and conscious exhales. Breathe in through the nose and deep exhale out of the mouth. Let your exhale have an audible sigh. Let it feel good.

After your third exhale, seal your lips and gently breathe in and out of your nose. If you wish to add in alternate nostril breathing take a few moments to do that now.

Settling into the breath, bring your awareness to your feet. See your feet through your mind's eye start to transform into the roots of trees. Envision these roots extending from your toes and the center of your heel and moving down through the floor extending further down until they finally reach the Earth. Seeing this connection with the soil continues to allow your roots to grow. As that network of roots expands it also continues to move through the layers of the earth. Growing and moving down as they all get closer to the core of Mother Earth. See your roots wrap around the core of the Earth. Feel the warmth, feel the connection with this powerful source of energy.

Allow this energy to begin to flow up the roots, up through all of the layers of the Earth, up through the floor and eventually connecting to your very own feet. If it is comfortable to you this energy can continue to move up from the feet throughout the entire body.

With your awareness on this energy flowing freely, bring your attention to the breath. With every inhale draw the energy up into your body from the core of the Earth. With every exhale allow any stale, stagnant, or stuck energy to flow down back into the Earth. Stay with this fluid transfer of energy for as long as you would like.

Let the energy bring the body into balance. Feel a vibrancy throughout the body. Notice if there are any areas that feel stiff or tense and allow that Earth energy to flood the particular area.

Continue to let the body be soft. Allow the breath to be complete. Once you are ready, begin to draw your roots back. First unwrapping them from the core of the Earth, drawing them back up all of the Earth's layers, up through the ground and back into your feet.

Take a few rounds of breath here as you allow the body to continue in the stillness and softness.

Feel the contained energy as it moves through your body. Begin to deepen your breath. Allow your awareness to come back to the space you are in.